Ritty Farm

Ancient farm with an incredible natural diversity

Guests are welcome to explore the livestock free, wildlife abundant farm. Enter the timeless world of meadow life, venture into the woods and listen to the birds sing or find a quiet place to meditate, watch some animals, read your book or daydream. There are many ways to find rest, relaxation and inspiration at Ritty Farm, plenty of space to pause and be...


"Indescribable, breathtaking beauty, a wonderful week in paradise!"

Phil, Debby, Christa and Joanna

While away your day....

Meander through the dreamy meadows in summer armed with a rug, or find your swimming towel and venture down to the enchanting Escley Brook where paddling, rafting, swimming and rowing can all be part of your adventure. Watch out for Kingfishers and Dippers!


Our ethos

We understand the importance of this small pocket of ecology for the future. We live and work in an environmentally sensitive way, considering the effect on the incredible biodiversity that is present here in everything we do. Encouraging (nearly!) all of the petalled, leafed, furry and feathered wildlife to thrive.

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"At Ritty farm we found stars, sunsets, soothed souls and lifted spirits. The environment is glorious, the scenery sublime."

Judy and Will.

Discover magical and inspiring woodland areas..

Appreciate three acres of mature oak glade woodland, enjoy fireside picnics with a yurt for shelter, or find the hammock, swinging chairs and the seat by the pond.


Through the seasons..

The woodland is especially radiant in spring with carpets of bluebells and early purple orchids, then the meadows start to steal the show, providing ever changing waves of colourful wild flowers throughout the summer. By late summer it’s all about the berry, hay and apple harvest.

Autumn sees the woodland and views transform into a rich tapestry of colours before the stillness of winter descends. The peacefulness, the clear, crisp air and splendid atmospheric views of winter are unforgettable.

A visit to Ritty Farm is recommended for anyone seeking space and connection with nature. Calling all wildlife enthusiasts, walkers, stargazers and wild swimmers.

" It was the short break we were hoping for - a total reset."


Roam free! Walks from the doorstep.

One major benefit is there's no need to get in a car. Two footpaths meet at the farmyard entrance. Easy Rambles, with the odd stile to negotiate and exceptional views of the Black Mountains to the South, The Skirrid Mountain and Merlins Hill in the East, and Vagar Hill to the West. Walk to the excellent local pub, The Bridge Inn, where a delicious meal awaits you by the brook

Further afield

Retreat to somewhere magical

Immerse yourself in natures' abundance which surrounds you on twenty five acres of beautiful land. Experience walking through ancient oak woodland and lying in pretty wildflower meadows.